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NeoAxis Engine is a versatile real-time platform for making 3D, 2D games and apps.

  • The most open and powerful real-time .NET development platform.
  • Modern rendering system to get maximum performance from GPU.
  • A complete suite of development tools for real-time 3D project creators.
  • Open for the integration of third-party services and stores.

Join the chat at

Supported platforms by the editor

  • Windows 7+ x64

Target supported platforms

  • Windows 7+ x64
  • Android 8.0+ ARM32 and ARM64
  • UWP x64 (Universal Windows, Xbox)
  • iOS and other coming soon.

Building (very easy)

For Windows:

  • You need Visual Studio 2019 with .NET Core 3.1. Use NeoAxis.Managed.Sources.sln.
  • The native core for Windows is already compiled.
  • Download City Demo, Nature Demo and other content from the Asset Store window inside the editor.


Programming tips

  • Set up NeoAxis.Editor assembly as StartUp project to make run with debugger.
  • Add a new code to the NeoAxis.CoreExtension by default. Project assembly is also good.
  • Use English code page for your project if it possible: #1


NeoAxis Engine is distributed under the NeoAxis Engine End User License Agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the version on the GitHub and the installer from

    It is the same. The GitHub version has slightly more recent updates.

  • Is the stable version on the GitHub?

    Yes. If you encounter problems, please report it as soon as possible.