This is a collection of scripts that will apply an Autotools build system to the USGS ISIS source code.
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Autotools applier for USGS ISIS 3.+

This provides a build system that is more compatible with the open source community. Autotools is a long standing build system that has been popularized by the GNU movement. To learn more about Autotools, please read the following:

How to use this project

This project is by its very nature is fragile. Use it as an example for how to build ISIS with autotools. Our purpose for this project is to build a copy of ISIS for our distributions of Ames Stereo Pipeline. If you'd like to see those build scripts, take a look at our BinaryBuilder project. It is essentially a package manager.

> Download the Mac OSX version ISIS. We don't care if doesn't run on your system. We're pillaging it for its source code.
> cd isis_autotools
> ./autogen
> ./configure <use some settings here>
> make -j N
> make install

Then you party. You are the one and only master of build systems. (Besides the other people who checked out this project.)