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3 A. Obtaining the Software
5 If you are reading this text then presumably you have a copy of
6 the software. However, you can obtain the most recent version from
10 Before attempting to configure, build or install the NGT you should
11 obtain and install any prerequisite libraries that you need. The only
12 absolute requirement is the Boost. The others are either required to
13 build a specific module, or will enable a particular feature if
14 available. A complete list of dependencies is shown in the table below,
15 where each library is noted as being either a required or optional
16 dependency of one or modules. See each individual library's
17 documentation for details.
19 +------------------+-------------+-----------------------------------------+
20 | Library | Required? | Source Website |
21 +------------------+-------------+-----------------------------------------+
22 | Vision Workbench | Required | |
23 | Boost | Required | |
24 | ISIS | Recommended | |
25 | OpenSceneGraph | Optional | |
26 +------------------+-------------+-----------------------------------------+
28 B. Building and Installing
30 Once you have obtained and installed all of the prerequisite software
31 the process of building the NGT itself is generally
32 straightforward. There are four steps:
34 i. Configure the library. This is usually as simple as running the
35 "./configure" script from within the root NGT package directory.
37 ii. Build the tools by running "make".
39 iii. Install the tools by running "make install".
41 While this simple sequence will suffice for most users, the configure
42 script has many options that you can use to adjust various properties,
43 such as compiler optimization flags or the search paths used to find
44 required libraries. See the "INSTALL" file in this directory for more
45 detailed information.
47 C. Using the Library
49 When you install the library it will place files into three
50 subdirectories in the installation location. The header files which
51 you will need to develop software using the library are located in the
52 "include/" subdirectory. The compiled libraries, which you will need
53 to link your software against, are located in the "lib/" subdirectory.
54 You will need to configure your software development environment as
55 appropriate to locate these files. Finally, a number of command-line
56 tools are provided in the "bin/" directory. See the documentation for a
57 complete list of the tools.
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