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This open source version of the Ames Stereo Pipeline (ASP) was
developed by the Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG), in the Intelligent
Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA. It
builds on over ten years of IRG experience developing surface
reconstruction tools for terrestrial robotic field tests and planetary
Credit and thanks go to the following developers for contributing time
and energy to this effort.
Zachary Moratto (NASA/SGT) - Principal Investigator
Terry Fong (CS) - Project Manager
- Our Co-Workers -
Ross Beyer (NASA/SETI Institute)
Michael Broxton (NASA/CMU)
Ara Nefian (NASA/CMU)
Matthew Hancher (NASA)
Mike Lundy (NASA/SGT)
Vinh To (NASA/SGT)
Laurence Edwards (NASA)
- Our Interns -
Alex Segal (EAP/Stanford)
Ian Saxton (NASA Intern)
Kerri Cahoy (NASA Intern)
Kyle Husmann (EAP/CalPoly)
Matthew Faulkner (NASA Intern)
Melissa Bunte (NASA Intern)
Morgon Kanter (NASA Intern)
Patrick Mihelich (NASA Intern)
Sasha Aravkin (NASA Intern)
Todd Templeton (NASA Intern)
- Our Friends -
David Shean (APLUW)
Benjamin Smith (APLUW)
CMU - Carnegie Mellon University
SGT - Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies
EAP - Educational Associates Program
APLUW - Applied Physics Laboratory of the University of Washington
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