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% Wait to usepackage these until they are needed.
% \usepackage{moreverb}
% \usepackage{float}
\usepackage{amsfonts, psfrag, fancyhdr, layout, subfigure, array}
\usepackage{moreverb} % for file listing
% Set equal margins on book style
% Settings for the fancyhdr package
% Redefine plain page style
% Code for creating empty pages
% No headers on empty pages before new chapter
\def\cleardoublepage{\clearpage\if@twoside \ifodd\c@page\else
\makeatother \clearpage{\pagestyle{plain}\cleardoublepage}
% With the book style a new chapter always starts on an odd page. If
% the previous page is empty, the above code ensures that it is of
% \pagestyle{plain}.
\renewcommand{\chaptermark}[1]{\markboth{ \emph{#1}}{}}
% Dutch style of paragraph formatting, i.e. no indents.
\setlength{\parskip}{1.3ex plus 0.2ex minus 0.2ex}
% Again, uncomment when/if needed.
% % Define the \sourcelst command to create a floating listing of
% % a (separate) source file.
% \newfloat{listing}{t}{lop}
% \floatname{listing}{Listing}
% \def\sourcelst#1#2{
% \begin{listing}
% \begin{tabular}{|@{\hspace{0.04\linewidth}}c@{\hspace{0.02\linewidth}}|}
% \hline \\
% \begin{minipage}{0.94\linewidth}
% \small\listinginput{1}{#1}
% \end{minipage}
% \\ \\ \hline
% \end{tabular}
% \caption{[{\tt #1}]\ \ #2}
% \label{lst:#1}
% \end{listing}
% }
\title{{\Huge The Ames Stereo Pipeline:}\\NASA's Open Source Automated Stereogrammetry Software\\
{\em A part of the NASA NeoGeography Toolkit}\\
Version [@]ASP_VERSION[@]}
Michael J.~Broxton\\
Ross A.~Beyer\\
Zachary Moratto\\
Mike Lundy\\
Kyle Husmann\\
Intelligent Robotics Group\\
NASA Ames Research Center\\
\acro{ASP}{Ames Stereo Pipeline}
\acro{CTX}{Context Camera}
\acro{DEM}{digital elevation model}
\acro{ET}{ephemeris time}
\acro{GCP}{ground control point}
\acro{HRSC}{High Resolution Stereo Camera}
\acro{HiRISE}{High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment}
\acro{IRG}{Intelligent Robotics Group}
\acro{ISIS}{Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers}
\acro{KML}{Keyhole Markup Language}
\acro{LROC}{Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera}
\acro{LRO}{Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter}
\acro{LOLA}{Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter}
\acro{MER}{Mars Exploration Rover}
\acro{MGS}{Mars Global Surveyor}
\acro{MOC}{Mars Orbiter Camera}
\acro{MOLA}{Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter}
\acro{MRO}{Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter}
\acro{NED}{National Elevation Dataset}
\acro{NASA}{National Aeronautics and Space Administration}
\acro{PDS}{Planetary Data System}
\acro{PVL}{Parameter Value Language}
\acro{THEMIS}{Thermal Emission Imaging System}
\acro{ULCN}{Unified Lunar Coordinate Network}
\acro{USGS}{United States Geological Survey}
\acro{VW}{Vision Workbench}
% Adjustments headers
\fancyhead[RE]{\emph{Chapter \thechapter}}
\part{Getting Started}
\part{The Stereo Pipeline in Depth}
%\include{data_visualization} <-- we should add this someday!
%\part{Additional Toolkits}
% Create the References list
\phantomsection % to make hyperref behave
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