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// Copyright (C) 2006-2011 United States Government as represented by
// the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
// All Rights Reserved.
/// \file
// Qt
#include <QApplication>
#include <QWidget>
#include <QSplashScreen>
// Boost
#include <boost/program_options.hpp>
using namespace boost;
namespace po = boost::program_options;
// Standard Library
#include <iostream>
// VW
#include <vw/Core.h>
#include <vw/Image.h>
#include <vw/Math.h>
#include <vw/FileIO.h>
#include <vw/Stereo.h>
using namespace vw;
using namespace vw::math;
using namespace vw::camera;
using namespace vw::stereo;
#include "gui/MainWindow.h"
#include "gui/StereoGuiSession.h"
#include "StereoSettings.h"
#include "stereo.h"
#include "StereoSession.h"
#include "Isis/DiskImageResourceIsis.h"
#include "Isis/StereoSessionIsis.h"
// Allows FileIO to correctly read/write these pixel types
namespace vw {
template<> struct PixelFormatID<Vector3> { static const PixelFormatEnum value = VW_PIXEL_GENERIC_3_CHANNEL; };
template<> struct PixelFormatID<PixelDisparity<float> > { static const PixelFormatEnum value = VW_PIXEL_GENERIC_3_CHANNEL; };
void print_usage(po::options_description const& visible_options) {
std::cout << "\nUsage: stereo_gui [options] <Left_input_image> <Right_input_image> [Left_camera_file] [Right_camera_file] <output_file_prefix>\n"
<< " Extensions are automaticaly added to the output files.\n"
<< " Camera model arguments may be optional for some stereo session types (e.g. isis).\n"
<< " Stereo parameters should be set in the stereo.default file.\n\n";
std::cout << visible_options << std::endl;
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
// The default file type are automatically registered the first time
// a file is opened or created, however we want to override some of
// the defaults, so we explicitly register them here before registering
// our own FileIO driver code.
// Register the Isis file handler with the Vision Workbench
// DiskImageResource system.
/* Parsing of command line arguments */
// Boost has a nice command line parsing utility, which we use here
// to specify the type, size, help string, etc, of the command line
// arguments.
int debug_level;
unsigned cache_size;
std::string stereo_default_filename;
std::string left_input, right_input, output_prefix;
po::options_description visible_options("Options");
("help,h", "Display this help message")
("cache", po::value<unsigned>(&cache_size)->default_value(1800), "Cache size, in megabytes")
("stereo-file,s", po::value<std::string>(&stereo_default_filename)->default_value("./stereo.default"), "Explicitly specify the stereo.default file to use. [default: ./stereo.default]")
("debug-level,d", po::value<int>(&debug_level)->default_value(vw::DebugMessage-1), "Set the debugging output level. (0-50+)");
po::options_description positional_options("Positional Options");
("left-input-image", po::value<std::string>(&left_input), "Left Input Image")
("right-input-image", po::value<std::string>(&right_input), "Right Input Image")
("output-prefix", po::value<std::string>(&output_prefix), "Prefix for output filenames");
po::positional_options_description positional_options_desc;
positional_options_desc.add("left-input-image", 1);
positional_options_desc.add("right-input-image", 1);
positional_options_desc.add("output-prefix", 1);
po::options_description all_options;
po::variables_map vm;
po::store( po::command_line_parser( argc, argv ).options(all_options).positional(positional_options_desc).run(), vm );
po::notify( vm );
// If the command line wasn't properly formed or the user requested
// help, we print an usage message.
if( vm.count("help") ) {
// Read the stereo.conf file
// Set the Vision Workbench debug level
vw_system_cache().resize( cache_size*1024*1024 ); // Set cache to 1Gb
// Create a fresh stereo session and query it for the camera models.
StereoSession::register_session_type( "isis", &StereoSessionIsis::construct);
stereo_gui_session().session()->initialize(left_input, right_input,
"not used", "not used",
// Start up the Qt GUI
QApplication app(argc, argv);
// // Show the splash screen
// QPixmap pixmap("/Users/mbroxton/Desktop/asp_gui_splash.png");
// QSplashScreen splash(pixmap, Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint);
// splash.showMessage("v3.0", Qt::AlignRight | Qt::AlignBottom, Qt::white);
// app.processEvents();
MainWindow main_window;;
return app.exec();
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