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Here's a developer's checklist for performing a binary Ames Stereo
Pipeline (ASP) release.
1.) Modify the build system:
Inside ASP's configure.ac, remove "_post" and increment version number
on the AC_INIT line. Do not do this for VisionWorkbench, as that
library has its own versioning.
2.) Look up the latest ISIS version and update it in
StereoPipeline/README (see the "version" file in the packaged ASP
3.) Update NEWS.
4.) Read and update the documentation.
5.) Commit all changes.
6.) Build and package the software and documentation:
- Modify BinaryBuilder to deal with any changes in dependencies.
- Build the dependenices, see BinaryBuilder/README, section 3.B,
part 1.
- Ensure that the latest ISIS gets built.
- Build the documentation in StereoPipeline/docs/book. Must do
make distclean at the top level first, to force that the ASP
version gets updated.
- Copy the obtained pdf file to BinaryBuilder/dist-add/asp_book.pdf.
- Build the ASP release tarball, see BinaryBuilder/README,
section 3.B, part 2.
7.) Test all binary releases on different machines by running
NOTE: Steps 6 and 7 are done automatically by running on lunokhod1
the script
The resulting release tarballs will go to BinaryBuilder/asp_tarballs.
8.) Check that the ASP version is correct in the documentation
file and that the documentation is searchable (this is a bug in
some gs versions).
9.) Test on both Linux and Mac if point2mesh works and if the
'osgviewer' included with the release can load its output.
10.) Commit and tag the release in the ASP repo. Example:
git tag v2.5.2
Push the tags to the remote server with:
git push origin v2.5.2 # commit to your branch
git push god v2.5.2 # commit to main branch
If more commits were made and it is desired to apply this tag to a
different commit, first remove the exiting tag with:
git tag -d v2.5.2
git push origin :refs/tags/v2.5.2
git push god :refs/tags/v2.5.2
11.) Copy the new builds to the release area at
/byss/docroot/stereopipeline/binaries. Also copy the documentation
from BinaryBuilder/dist-add/asp_book.pdf to the same location,
and rename it to incorporate the version name.
Update the website, at https://ti.arc.nasa.gov/cms/pages/page/
(SG can give permissions to edit the pages under
/tech/asr/intelligent-robotics/ngt). Update:
- The sidebar
- The main page, inluding:
* Binary release links
* ISIS version
* Source code release link
* Documentation link
12.) Ask fellow ASP developers to do some tests and review the
13.) Send an announcement of the new release to the mailing list, at
stereo-pipeline@lists.nasa.gov, listing the changes specified in NEWS.
14.) Modify the build system:
Inside ASP's configure.ac, append "_post" to version number in AC_INIT
15.) Reflect any changes in release policy by modifying this document.
16.) Commit changes.