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# This Makefile executes the steps detailed in Chapter 3 of the
# Stereo Pipeline Users' Guide
all: products_map products_nonmap
# Pattern rule to create .cub files from .imq files
%.cub: %.imq
mocproc from= $< to= $@ Mapping= NO
jigsaw: M0100115.cub E0201461.cub
echo M0100115.cub > cube.lis; \
echo E0201461.cub >> cube.lis; \
jigsaw fromlist=cube.lis radius=yes update=yes twist=no spsolve=position jigsaw
cam2map from=M0100115.cub jigsaw
cam2map from=E0201461.cub matchmap=true
image2qtree -m kml --normalize $<
image2qtree -m kml --normalize $<
mkdir -p map; \
if [ ! -e map/map-PC.tif ]; then stereo $^ map/map -s; fi
map/map-F-H.tif: map/map-PC.tif
cd map; disparitydebug map-F.tif
map/map.ive: map/map-PC.tif
cd map; point2mesh map-PC.tif map-L.tif
map/map-DEM.tif: map/map-PC.tif
cd map; point2dem -r mars --orthoimage map-L.tif -n --error --nodata -32767 map-PC.tif;
map/map-OrthoR.tif: map/map-DEM.tif
cd map; mapproject map-DEM.tif ../M0100115.cub map-OrthoR.tif;
map/map-OrthoL.tif: map/map-DEM.tif
cd map; mapproject map-DEM.tif ../E0201461.cub map-OrthoL.tif;
map/map-DEM_CMAP.tif: map/map-DEM.tif
cd map; \
hillshade map-DEM.tif; \
colormap -s map-DEM_HILLSHADE.tif map-DEM.tif; \
colormap map-IntersectionErr.tif --colormap-style ../../TriangulationError.lut
products_map: map/map-F-H.tif map/map.ive map/map-OrthoL.tif map/map-OrthoR.tif map/map-DEM_CMAP.tif
nonmap/nonmap-PC.tif: jigsaw
mkdir -p nonmap
if [ ! -e nomap/nomap-PC.tif ]; then stereo M0100115.cub E0201461.cub nonmap/nonmap -s stereo.nonmap; fi
nonmap/nonmap.ive: nonmap/nonmap-PC.tif
cd nonmap; point2mesh nonmap-PC.tif nonmap-L.tif
nonmap_point2dem: nonmap/nonmap-PC.tif
cd nonmap; \
point2dem -r mars --orthoimage nonmap-L.tif nonmap-PC.tif --errorimage --nodata -32767 -n; \
hillshade nonmap-DEM.tif; \
colormap -s nonmap-DEM_HILLSHADE.tif nonmap-DEM.tif; \
colormap nonmap-IntersectionErr.tif
products_nonmap: nonmap/nonmap.ive nonmap_point2dem
rm -rf map nonmap
rm -rf cube.lis *.match bundleout* residuals.csv
distclean: clean
rm -rf print.prt *.cub *.vwip *.match *~