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*** RELEASE 1.0.4, 23 MAY 2011 ***
- Added support for CAHVORE in pinhole sessions.
- Hide GDAL warnings caused by our file integrity checks.
- Mostly added standardized options for settings threads and BigTIFF.
- Have orthoproject return same type as input plus alpha channel.
- Improved edge_masking, speeds up stereo_fltr and stereo_pprc.
- Have explictly use ISIS's getkey command.
- Fix and optimized point2dem. Remove caching and improved rendering
times. This should fix BigTIFF problems that have been reported.
- Improve triangulation times slightly when using map projected
linescan camers.
- Added orthoproject, image2qtree, colormap, hillshade examples to MOC.
- Added K10 example dataset.
- Added MER example dataset.
- Added a non-map projected MOC example.
- Added CTX example dataset.
- Append notes from Michael about run times.
- Added threaded writing to colormap and hillshade.
- Fix hillshade problems with int16 DEMs.
*** RELEASE, 16 MARCH 2011 ***
- Updated documentation and support text files to insure compatibility
with our third party software.
*** RELEASE 1.0.3, 11 MARCH 2011 ***
- Make quaternion interaction compliant with VW changes.
- Correct reading of TSAI camera format.
- Reduce memory footprint of ISIS_Adjust.
- MOC Example rewritten.
- Improve dash script that loads libraries on startup of application.
- KD-Tree search replace with FLANN, a fast approximate nearest
neighbors. This improves speed of ipmatch, and ip alignment
option in stereo.
- Removed exception catch in Bayesian affine sub-pixel.
- Fixed type deduction problem on 32 bit systems.
- Pyramid Correlator code cleaned up. Minimal speed improvement.
- Fixed Camera Relation Network's memory leak.
- Fix image2qtree normalization and manual geo-positioning.
- Correct random seed call with faster solution.
- Default raster tile size changed to 256.
- Fix deadlocking in loading of ".vwrc", Vision Workbench's settings file.
- OSX seems to do excessive locking during multi-threaded rendering.
This problem is non-existant in RHEL5 and is still a mystery.
*** RELEASE 1.0.2, 9 DECEMBER 2010 ***
- IsisCameraModel support operator<< style printing.
- Correct camera pose return to be consistent with VW.
- Change IsisCameraModel to use shared_ptr to block memory leak.
- Executables should catch VW and Standard errors and print human readable
- Stereo is now a python script that call multiple executables.
- Change correlation progress bar to track total completion.
- Bundle_Adjust and ISIS_Adjust switch from eulers to quaternions.
- Bundlevis dropped CAHVOR support. Added progress bar. Converted statistics
with CDFAccumulator.
- Point2dem remove excessive rotation call
- Enforce tile rasterization size to 1024 during integer correlation.
- Select tools should now write their nodata value in the TIFF metadata.
- Still unreleased, and still under development.
*** RELEASE 1.0.1, 24 MAY 2010 ***
- Control Network Loader removed and sent to VW's Bundle Adjustment Module.
- Build system can now use Google PerfTools.
- Kakadu was made optional in build system (ISIS 3.2.x uses this).
- Optimized IsisCameraModel to use IsisInterface. Custom code can be loaded up
for individual camera types so we don't have to run through ISIS's entire
camera model. This allows us not to call GroundMap when the camera is not
map projected.
- Added a series of tests for the IsisCameraModel that perform unit tests
with MOC and Galileo.
- Added custom project code for Linescan cameras so not to rely on ISIS's
LineScanCameraGroundMap. This code is a bit more precise.
- Added new optional module called MPI that builds on top of
Boost MPI. This is experimental development code and is not used for
anything in binary release yet.
- Added new optional module call the Photometry Toolkit. This is
experimental development code and is not use for anything released
in the binary yet. This code focuses on future research of massive
mosaics (+100GB) and the ability to perform basic photometric corrections.
- Pinhole session modified to read CMOD files as well.
- Made orthoproject more robust against odd input georeferences.
- orthoproject's auto scale and crop works again.
- Point2mesh's texture is written to a different file.
- Added aligndem and geodiff; which are experimental DEM alignment utilities.
- Added a quick experimental DEM profile utility called dem_profile.
- stereo now detects correlation settings automatically using OBALoG and
SGrad1 interest point functions.
- Added
- Remove excessive serial number calculations in isis_adjust.
- Update isis_adjust to VW's new Bundle Adjustment module for a 2x improvement.
- Stereo should now use LZW compression by default.
- Point2dem and Stereo have added option to use directory other than /tmp for
intermediate files.
- Point2dem now uses MOLA datum instead of its previous truncated value.
- Added safety check to stereo to make sure user is not supplying the
same camera.
- Switched from CXXTests to GTest framework.
*** RELEASE 1.0.0, 23 OCTOBER ***
- OrthoRasterizer.h is subject to change for further VW integration
- MedianFilter.h is untested/unused
- BundleAdjustUtils.* is subject to deletion for integration with
- ISIS Session is the only fully supported session at this time
- Pinhole Session works but has not been tested for this release
- Keypoint/RMAX Session status are unknown
- Subject to deletion in 1.0.1
- Point2dem can crash rarely. Still investigating.
- rmax* utilities are not working
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