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@@ -172,13 +172,13 @@ \section{Correlation}
\item[2 - normalized cross correlation]
-\item[corr-kernel \textnormal{\small{(= \emph{integer,integer})}} (default = 25,25)] \hfill \\
+\item[corr-kernel \textnormal{\small{(= \emph{integer integer})}} (default = 25 25)] \hfill \\
These option determine the size (in pixels) of the correlation
kernel used in the initialization step. A different size can be set
in the horizontal and vertical directions, but square correlation
kernels are almost always used in practice.
-\item[corr-search \textnormal{\small{(= \emph{integer,integer,integer,integer})}}] \hfill \\
+\item[corr-search \textnormal{\small{(= \emph{integer integer integer integer})}}] \hfill \\
These parameters determine the size of the initial correlation
search range. The ideal search range depends on a variety of
factors ranging from how the images were pre-aligned to the
@@ -240,7 +240,7 @@ \section{Subpixel Refinement}
For a visual comparison of the quality of these subpixel modes,
refer back to Chapter:\ref{ch:correlation}.
-\item[subpixel-kernel \textnormal{\small{(= \emph{integer,integer})}} (default = 35,35)]
+\item[subpixel-kernel \textnormal{\small{(= \emph{integer integer})}} (default = 35 35)]
Specify the size of the horizontal and vertical size (in pixels) of
the subpixel correlation kernel. It is advantageous to keep this
small for parabola fitting in order to resolve finer
@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@ \section{Filtering}
-\item[rm-half-kernel \textnormal{\small{(= \emph{integer,integer})}} (default = 5,5)] \hfill \\
+\item[rm-half-kernel \textnormal{\small{(= \emph{integer integer})}} (default = 5 5)] \hfill \\
This setting adjusts the behavior of an outlier rejection scheme
that ``erodes'' isolated regions of pixels in the disparity map that
are in disagreement with their neighbors.
@@ -383,17 +383,16 @@ \subsection{Performing Stereo Correlation}
All the settings given via the \texttt{stereo.default} file can be
over-ridden from the command line. Just add a double hyphen
-(\texttt{-\/-}) in front the option's name and then fill out the
-option just as you would in the configuration file. For options in
-the \texttt{stereo.default} file that take take multiple numbers
-separated by spaces (like `\texttt{corr-kernel~25~25}'), they must
-be separated by commas on the command line (like
-`\texttt{-\/-corr-kernel~25,25}'). Below is an example of overriding
-the search range and subpixel mode from the command line.
+(\texttt{-\/-}) in front the option's name and then fill out the option
+just as you would in the configuration file. For options in the
+\texttt{stereo.default} file that take multiple numbers, they must be
+separated by spaces (like `\texttt{corr-kernel~25~25}') on the command
+line. Below is an example of overriding the search range and subpixel
+mode from the command line.
ISIS 3> stereo \
- -s --corr-search -70,-4,40,4 \
+ -s --corr-search -70 -4 40 4 \
--subpixel-mode 0 \
@@ -86,10 +86,10 @@ namespace asp {
"Correlation cost metric. [0 Absolute, 1 Squared, 2 Normalized Cross Correlation]")
("xcorr-threshold", po::value(&global.xcorr_threshold)->default_value(2),
"L-R vs R-L agreement threshold in pixels.")
- ("corr-kernel", po::value(&global.kernel)->default_value(Vector2i(21,21),"21,21"),
+ ("corr-kernel", po::value(&global.kernel)->default_value(Vector2i(21,21),"21 21"),
"Kernel size used for integer correlator.")
("corr-search", po::value(&global.search_range)->default_value(BBox2i(0,0,0,0), "auto"),
- "Disparity search range. Specify in format: hmin,vmin,hmax,vmax.")
+ "Disparity search range. Specify in format: hmin vmin hmax vmax.")
("corr-max-levels", po::value(&global.corr_max_levels)->default_value(5),
"Max pyramid levels to process when using the integer correlator. (0 is just a single level).");
@@ -109,8 +109,8 @@ namespace asp {
("subpixel-mode", po::value(&global.subpixel_mode)->default_value(2),
"Subpixel algorithm. [0 None, 1 Parabola, 2 Bayes EM]")
- ("subpixel-kernel", po::value(&global.subpixel_kernel)->default_value(Vector2i(35,35), "35,35"),
- "Kernel size to use with subpixel method.")
+ ("subpixel-kernel", po::value(&global.subpixel_kernel)->default_value(Vector2i(35,35), "35 35"),
+ "Kernel size used for subpixel method.")
("disable-h-subpixel", po::bool_switch(&global.disable_h_subpixel),
"Disable calculation of subpixel in horizontal direction.")
("disable-v-subpixel", po::bool_switch(&global.disable_v_subpixel),
@@ -138,8 +138,8 @@ namespace asp {
FilteringDescription::FilteringDescription() : po::options_description("Filtering Options") {
StereoSettings& global = stereo_settings();
- ("rm-half-kernel", po::value(&global.rm_half_kernel)->default_value(Vector2i(5,5), "5,5"),
- "Low confidence pixel removal kernel. (Half sized)")
+ ("rm-half-kernel", po::value(&global.rm_half_kernel)->default_value(Vector2i(5,5), "5 5"),
+ "Low confidence pixel removal kernel (half sized)")
("rm-min-matches", po::value(&global.rm_min_matches)->default_value(60),
"Minimum number of pixels to be matched to keep sample")
("rm-threshold", po::value(&global.rm_threshold)->default_value(3),

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