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Commits on Jul 8, 2008
  1. @broxtronix

    The configuration file parser (and stereo.default files in general)

    broxtronix committed Jul 8, 2008
    has been accumulating old, no-longer used options for quite some time,
    and I finally took a crack today at cleaning things up.  Gone now are
    the last vestiges of the old C-style code for parsing those files, and
    everything has been consolidated into a singleton class called
    StereoSettings that you can access by calling the stereo_settings()
    method.  This method can be called from anywhere, so we no longer need
    to worry about passing the dft struct around the code.  Most
    importantly, I have removed many (close to 100!) deprecated options
    that no longer do anything.
    The new stereo settings class will issue a warning for any deprecated
    option it detects in the file.  For old files with many deprecated
    options, there will be *many* such unknown options.  I've added a
    stereo.default.example file to the top level of the Stereo Pipeline
    repository with all of the current options (and some reasonable
    default values for them).  Many of you can probably take this file,
    change a few of the settings, and start using it.  If you want to use
    your old files, be careful to peruse those warning.  (The change from
    XCORR_TRESHOLD to XCORR_THRESHOLD is particularly subtle, so watch out
    for that one!)
    This much needed clean-up has been a long time in coming!  I hope it
    makes things more clear!
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