pc_align: Have generic reading of CSV #101

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zmoratto commented Jan 3, 2014

Let's support all CSV files, not just one we've seen before. Allow the user optional options to specify the column number that latitude, longitude, height or radius can be found at. If the user specifies this information, do not in anyway try to do an automatic interpretation of the CSV. Automatic LOLA loading was my bane when trying to write a blog post of how to use MOLA with pc_align since the only thing that identifies a LOLA file is having more than N columns.


oleg-alexandrov commented Mar 3, 2014

Done. The user can now specify a custom CSV format. For example, --csv-format '3:lon 5:lat 9:height_above_datum' (the syntax is column index and column type). Columns can be in any order. Allowed CSV files types can have "lon, lat, radius_m", "lon, lat, radius_km", "lon, lat, height_above_datum", and "x, y, z". The whole thing is documented. The output CSV files are written in same format as input, although extraneous columns are skipped.

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