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Need Advanced Tutorial #47

zmoratto opened this Issue Apr 10, 2013 · 1 comment

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NeoGeographyToolkit member

This tutorial should use the example stereo data available from Digital Globe.

  • It should show how NONE, HOMOGRAPHY, AFFINEEPIPOLAR, NONE (+rpc_mapprojected imagery) compare in run time.
  • It should have a subsection in there that discusses compositing the DG subframes together to run stereo. Take note to explain that rpc_mapprojection is no longer possible in that case.
  • This section should introduce stereo_mpi and its application to super computers.
  • This section should also introduce dem_geoid and referencing DEMs to a geoid.
  • This should also show current research in alternatively producing a d_sub from Ben's python code and via DEM.

This chapter is targeting researchers and the professional community. It should be okay to use technical terms that might be confusing to the layman.

NeoGeographyToolkit member

I compared non-map-projected and map-projected stereo outputs, and doing map-projection improves the results quite a bit. Talking about run-time is kind of premature then, quality comes first.

I did not document yet sparse_disp as it is not yet officially released.

I added documentation about stereo_mpi, dem_geoid, dg_mosaic, as well as updated and expanded the relevant parts of documentation relevant to these features.

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