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output from rpc_mapproject #70

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With ASP2.2, rpc_mapproject seems to try to write xml files in an unwritable location, and spews warning messages:

Warning: GdalIO: Unable to save auxilary information in /vsisubfile/3989_961434577,WV01_11DEC131600110-P1BS_R1C1-10200100150C8F00.ntf.aux.xml. (code = 1)

[repeated ~ 10 times]
I've seen this problem on an RHEL6 linux box and on a mac running OSx 10.8


This is a GDAL bug. GDAL takes a filename, and prepends to it metainfo, getting as above,


GDAL has a function to parse this thing and extract the proper filename, but it forgot to call it.

From a software perspective, the above is a huge hack, one should use a proper data structure to store info, rather than prepending it to a filename. I filed a bug:


How can I reproduce this bug? R from GDAL is also claiming he can't reproduce this.


Sorry for the delay. Here's how to reproduce it on pfe. (I am sure it is a GDAL error, one just need to find a good way of reproducing it using the GDAL library only without our stuff).

cd ~oalexan1/projects/data/WV01_20110807_102001001560E000

tif_mosaic --threads 4 --output-image 102001001560E000.r53.tif --reduce-percent 53 --image-data 35840,53604,/nobackupnfs1/oalexan1/projects/data/WV01_20110807_102001001560E000/WV01_11AUG071531469-P1BS-102001001560E000.ntf,35840.0000000000000000,26624.0000000000000000,0.0000000000000000,0.0000000000000000,35840.0000000000000000,26624.0000000000000000,/nobackupnfs1/oalexan1/projects/data/WV01_20110807_102001001560E000/WV01_11AUG071531461-P1BS-102001001560E000.ntf,35840.0000000000000000,32768.0000000000000000,0.0000000000000000,20836.0000000000000000,35840.0000000000000000,32768.0000000000000000,

Warning: GdalIO: Unable to save auxilary information in /vsisubfile/3884_452651485,/nobackupnfs1/oalexan1/projects/data/WV01_20110807_102001001560E000/WV01_11AUG071531469-P1BS-102001001560E000.ntf.aux.xml. (code = 1)


I re-opened this issue in the GDAL bug tracker. I can reproduce this only with gdal_translate.

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