stereo uses cached images even if input files changed. #79

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Say someone creates map projected ISIS imagery and then runs stereo. Then they perform jigsaw and recreate their map projected ISIS imagery. Stereo will still load the previously created L and R tiffs that no longer represent the input imagery.

Can stereo instead keep track of the creation time or hash of it's input files to realize if it needs to rebuild its caches?

NeoGeographyToolkit member

ASP caches not just L and R, but also masks, interest points, D_sub, etc. I guess a little check can be put in the python stereo script which deletes and recreates the run directories if the input images or cameras are newer than L.tif and R.tif which are the first things the tool creates. Also in principle the same should happen if stereo.default is modified, but that is probably bringing things too far.

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