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NeoResearch Community Governance

This is the home of the NeoResearch community rules. The goal of this branch of the Neo Ecosystem Community focus on developing cutting edge technologies involving blockchain, optimization and high-performance computing for the NEO ecosystem. Although this community is not a private company nor any form of legally constituted entity, we intend to use it for providing a formal structure to embrace technological projects to improve NEO platform.

Our rules are simple:

  1. Any person is free to collaborate with NeoResearch projects (with MIT license). In order to apply for scientific grants (travel/conference/research development grants), project goals must be aligned with NeoResearch, NEO Council, Neo teams and the Community in general.

  2. Public documents and reports signature can be verified though our Public PGP Key F36B8A2E66C9CD19C53C9417221E78CE19D304F4.

  3. In case of any support/donation given by the NEO Council, in the form of NEO rewards, those funds will initially and temporally be held by wallet Neo Public Address AYm3cVBEbkSXwX9Dvq4YTZwFyxtXJT54hQ.

  4. NeoResearch does not own funds, but acts as a bridge for redistributing the funds provided in Neo's whitepaper.

  5. This community is intended to provide academic/scientific support for NEO Ecosystem. Published academic papers/presentations that intend to receive funds must refer to NeoResearch, in order to widespread the NEO technology.

More information can be found in our website