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@gerardroche gerardroche released this 11 Jul 17:53
· 1354 commits to master since this release


  • Added #585: yoi, [oi, and ]oi, toggle, switch on, and switch off 'ignorecase' (Unimpaired plugin)
  • Added #585: yoh, [oh, and ]oh, toggle, switch on, and switch off 'hlsearch' (Unimpaired plugin)
  • Added #599: yo{char} (previously co[char}) toggle option (Unimpaired plugin)
  • Added #585: Support for set {option} in neovintageousrc file
  • Added #596: :set {option}! toggle option
  • Added #611: :set {option}? show option
  • Added #611: :set no{option} switch option off
  • Added #585: :set belloff
  • Added #585: :set menu
  • Added #585: :set minimap
  • Added #585: :set number
  • Added #585: :set sidebar
  • Added #585: :set spell
  • Added #585: :set statusbar
  • Added #585: :set wrap
  • Added #585: :set wrapscan
  • Added #607: vai (text-object) an indentation level and line above (indent object plugin)
  • Added #607: vii (text-object) inner indentation level (no line above) (indent object plugin)
  • Added #607: vaI (text-object) an indentation level and lines above/below (indent object plugin)
  • Added #607: viI (text-object) inner indentation level (no lines above/below) (indent object plugin)
  • Added #607: Allow plugins to be fully disabled by boolean setting enable_{plugin_name}
  • Added #599: [s move to prev misspelled word after the cursor ('wrapscan' applies)
  • Added #599: ]s move to next misspelled word after the cursor ('wrapscan' applies)
  • Added #599: :spellundo {word} remove {word} from good word spell checking
  • Added #599: :spellgood {word} add {word} as a good word to spell checking
  • Added #599: z= for the word under/after the cursor suggest correctly spelled words
  • Added #599: zug undo zg, remove the word from the entry in spell checking dictionary
  • Added #599: zg add word under the cursor as a good word to spell checking dictionary
  • Added #604: :set wrapscan to disable wrapping on *, #, n, N (searches)
  • Added #604: :set wrapscan to disable wrapping on ]c and [c (jump to diffs)
  • Added #404: <Del> delete [count] characters under and after the cursor (alias of x)
  • Added #404: Support for function keys 13-20 in mappings e.g. <f13>, <C-f16>, <C-S-f20>
  • Added #593: Highlight all occurrences on incremental searches
  • Added #589: :set incsearch to highlight the pattern matches as it was typed so far
  • Added #589: :set winaltkeys to enable <A-...> mappings
  • Added #579: <A-...> ALT keys (alias of <M-...>)
  • Added #580: [count]gqgq (alias of gqq)
  • Added #580: [count]gqq format the current line with a count format that many lines


  • Deprecated #404: vintageous_belloff setting; use set belloff in neovintageousrc file
  • Deprecated #404: vintageous_hlsearch setting; use set hlsearch in neovintageousrc file
  • Deprecated #404: vintageous_ignorecase setting; use set ignorecase in neovintageousrc file
  • Deprecated #404: vintageous_incsearch setting; use set incsearch in neovintageousrc file
  • Deprecated #404: vintageous_magic setting; use set magic in neovintageousrc file
  • Deprecated #404: vintageous_modeline setting; use set modeline in neovintageousrc file
  • Deprecated #404: vintageous_modelines setting; use set modelines in neovintageousrc file
  • Deprecated #404: vintageous_winaltkeys setting; use set winaltkeys in neovintageousrc file
  • Deprecated #404: vintageous_wrapscan setting; use set wrapscan in neovintageousrc file


  • Fixed #617: Some magic mode searches should be literal
  • Fixed #613: Goto matching bracket % inherits strange behaviour from vim
  • Fixed #243: Braces in strings mess up brace matching with %
  • Fixed #612: Mapped searches are not repeatable by n or N
  • Fixed #373: vii does not select the whole indented line
  • Fixed #606: ]<Space> and [<Space> cursor position on blank lines
  • Fixed #605: ]c and [c are off-by-one for blank lines
  • Fixed #598: Text object registers should be linewise
  • Fixed #597: di( and other text objects ignore indention
  • Fixed #591: ? (search forward) in visual modes is inconsistent
  • Fixed #590: / (search backward) in visual modes is inconsistent
  • Fixed #588: Visual mode incremental search highlighting is inconsistent

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