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@gerardroche gerardroche released this
· 557 commits to master since this release
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  • Added #630: Visual block pasting
  • Added #668: [n and ]n to navigate between conflicts (Unimpaired)
  • Added #4: Remember last search and ex command history on restarts (sessions)
  • Added #570: Repeated text objects e.g. vitit to visually select inner tags
  • Added #75: Add :buffer [N] command
  • Added #664: Add visual line CTRL-v enter visual block
  • Added #666: Add visual line CTRL-n add next multiple cursor match
  • Added #665: Add visual block CTRL-n enter multiple cursor
  • Added #663: Add I flag to :substitute command
  • Added #662: Add 'ignorecase' option support to :substitute command
  • Added #660: Ex mode <S-tab> now cycles through completions in reverse
  • Added #657: Auto complete in empty Command-line mode now triggers all completions
  • Added #641: Support search modifiers \v, \V, \m, and \M
  • Added #655: * and # searches are noop unless all cursor words match
  • Added #656: * and # multiple cursor searches


  • Changed #404: vintageous_multi_cursor_exit_from_visual_mode is now disabled by default


  • Removed #404: __vi_external_disable_keys setting was removed (use __vi_external_disable)
  • Removed #404: is_vintageous_widget setting was removed (unused internal setting)


  • Fixed #669: Shell cmds should default to sh if $SHELL is not set
  • Fixed #667: Pasting line breaks newline at the end of file
  • Fixed #654: cit deletes inside the wrong tag
  • Fixed #404: Various multiple cursor mode issues
  • Fixed #658: gU and gu should never emit visual bell
  • Fixed #661: Visual block yank should move cursor to beginning of selection
  • Fixed #659: Ex mode auto complete is broken (ST4)
  • Fixed #653: One char searches highlights two chars for current cursor

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