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@gerardroche gerardroche released this 29 Apr 18:06
· 321 commits to master since this release


  • Added #457: Port of vim-sneak; includes most features except label-modes
  • Added #718: Settings to more easily enable mapping jj and jk to escape from insert mode
  • Added #727: Display "h" indicator for hidden views in :ls output
  • Added #720: <C-w>W [N] go to view by id
  • Added #721: Alias <bslash> to ,
  • Added #722: :set inv{option} alias of :set{option}!


  • Changed #726: f, F, t, T, ;, and , noop now emits a visual bell
  • Changed #724: Ex mode noop operations now emit a visual bell
  • Changed #725: ZZ and ZQ are now only mapped for normal mode


  • Removed #715: neovintageous_open_my_rc_file (cmd); use neovintageous {action=open_rc_file} instead
  • Removed #715: neovintageous_reload_my_rc_file (cmd); use neovintageous {action=reload_rc_file} instead
  • Removed #715: neovintageous_toggle_side_bar (cmd); use neovintageous {action=toggle_side_bar} instead


  • Fixed #723: Command-line completions should ignore no{option} unless prefix "no"
  • Fixed #717: Ex command ranges should ignore whitespace
  • Fixed #712: :help {subject} is very slow (performance)
  • Fixed #716: yol toggle list sometimes doesn't work (Unimpaired)
  • Fixed #714: ^V is not syntax highlighted like ^J in command-line output bug (UI)
  • Fixed #709: General performance improvements (performance)

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