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@gerardroche gerardroche released this May 19, 2018 · 1589 commits to master since this release


  • Added: :edit {file} command
  • Added #288: Command-line editing commands: <C-b>, <C-e>, <C-h>, <C-n>, <C-p>, <C-u>, and <C-w>
  • Added #279: CTRL-c and CTRL-[ should exit Command-line mode
  • Added #12: Command-line search history with / and ? (current session only)
  • Added: Selections are now cleared when leaving a the current view (UX)
  • Added: NeovintageousToggleSideBar command
  • Added #286: Support for super-keys <D-...> (known as command-keys on OSX, and window-keys on Windows) (disabled by default)
  • Added: highlighted.yank scope to highlighted yank regions to allow color scheme customisation
  • Added: Switching windows using windowing commands no longer suddenly scrolls view (UX)
  • Added: :sunm[ap] command
  • Added: :help {subject} command now uses basic heuristics to find a relevant help topic if a subject is not found
  • Added: Support for 'vintageous_modelines' option (defaults to 5)
  • Added #254: :sp[lit] [file] command
  • Added: Unimpaired status bar toggle coe (also toggle on [oe, and toggle off ]oe)
  • Added: Unimpaired menu toggle coa (also toggle on [oa, and toggle off ]oa)
  • Added: Support for the new SublimeLinter API using the Unimpaired goto to error commands ]l and [l
  • Added: Support for the new GitGutter API using the Unimpaired goto change commands ]c and [c
  • Added: vintageousrc (documentation)
  • Added: Default vim options (documentation)


  • Removed: Recursive mappings commands :map, :nmap, :omap, :smap, :vmap. Use the non recursive commands instead.

    The recursive mappings were removed because they were not implemented as recursive mappings, and removing them now in preference of the non-recursive may prevent some potential problems in the future if the recursive mapping commands are ever implemented.

    Here is a table of the recursive, which have been removed, and the non recursive mapping commands that you can use instead:

    Recursive command Non recursive command
    map noremap
    nmap nnoremap
    omap onoremap
    smap snoremap
    vmap vnoremap
  • Removed: Unused vintageous_enable_cmdline_mode setting


  • Fixed: Visual ex mode commands should enter normal mode after operation
  • Fixed: Ex mode shell command error (Windows)
  • Fixed: Unmap commands don't unmap visual mappings
  • Fixed: Can't unmap mappings with special keys e.g. <leader>
  • Fixed: Running tests shouldn't resets user vintageousrc mappings
  • Fixed #156: SHIFT-v then CTRL-b doesn't work
  • Fixed: Help views should be read only
  • Fixed: Unknown registers raise an exception
  • Fixed: gc{motion} leaves cursor at wrong place
  • Fixed: gcc leaves cursor at wrong place
  • Fixed: Repeat searches (n/N) should scroll and show surrounds
  • Fixed: Goto next/prev change cursor position after motion (Unimpaired)
  • Fixed #285: Page down CTRL-f does not work correctly in Visual Line mode
  • Fixed #296: de leaves cursor at wrong place
  • Fixed #295: df{char} leaves cursor at wrong place
  • Fixed: df$ leaves cursor at wrong place
  • Fixed: gq cursor position after operation
  • Fixed: Mapping command status messages
  • Fixed: Error message typos and grammar
  • Fixed #254: :vs[plit] [file] raises a TypeError
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