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@gerardroche gerardroche released this 23 Jan 18:51
· 1957 commits to master since this release


  • Fixed #242: CTRL-d and CTRL-u should keep horizontal position when scrolling


  • Removed: Setting vintageous_visualbell; use vintageous_belloff set to all to disable visual bells


  • Fixed #421: Direct shell command exec in project
  • Fixed #416: H and L should move to highest/lowest line without scrolling (UX)
  • Fixed #417: CTRL-d and CTRL-u count should be used as the number of lines to scroll
  • Fixed #362: SHIFT+H SHIFT+M SHIFT+L in VISUAL LINE mode does not work
  • Fixed #413: CTRL-d and CTRL-u should put cursor on first non blank
  • Fixed #414: H, M, and L, should put cursor on first non blank
  • Fixed #415: CTRL-d and CTRL-u VISUAL mode bugs
  • Fixed #363: Searching for regex characters like ( and [ doesn't work
  • Fixed #420: :help {subject} should scroll subject into view
  • Fixed #410: J should strip leading comment tokens from joined lines enhancement
  • Fixed #412: j and k VISUAL in mode causes window to scroll two lines when next line is empty (UX)
  • Fixed #411: j and k in VISUAL mode causes a jump to other end of visual selection (UX)