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maps New maps: q3tourney2 by carca55gr1nde3r and q3ctf1 by me. Feb 11, 2019

OpenArena's Milestone Celebration Mappack

What's this mappack about?

This year is the 20th. anniversary of the release of two of the most influential games that ever existed: Quake III: Arena (Dec. 2nd.) and Unreal Tournament (Nov. 30th.).

This mappack for OpenArena is created in order to honor both games, with a specific set of deadlines so it could be released this year, at the specified date.

This is NOT an official OpenArena project.

This pack differs from the Quake Tribute mappack in that this is only about tributes to maps from those two games.

What maps are allowed to enter?

The list specified in this post in the OpenArena forums. WE DON'T NEED TO COVER EVERY MAP, just pick the submissions you feel you can create.

Also, while some deviations are welcome when it comes to gameplay (which should always triumph over everything else), try to stay as faithful as possible to the map's layout (for UT maps we may need to play a bit with the weapon/item placement due to the ginromous diffferences in gameplay).

What do we need?

Obviously mappers, and also testers. Modellers and texture/shader artists are also welcome.

Are there release and development dates set?

This is the tentative set of dates:

  • June 1st. - Deadline for volunteers
  • July 1st. - Deadline for proposals
  • Oct 1st. or Oct 15th. - Deadline for submissions
  • Nov 1st. or Nov 15th. - Deadline for polishing, from there on, only serious bugs in the maps will be tackled.
  • Dec. 1st. - RELEASE DATE! (It's the day set between both games's release dates, it definitely fits)

Any rules about the maps themselves?

All the content must be released under the GPLv2 license or any other license compatible with it such as CC0 or Public Domain.

Where is this pack being developed?

We'll be using this github repository in order to store the contents for both collaborator and tester comfort.


Subject to change, request to be added in Discord or the forum.

  • Neon_Knight - Coordinator, mapper
  • carcassgr1nde3r - Mapper

Map credits

  • oampc_q3ctf1 - Neon_Knight
  • oampd_oblivion - Neon_Knight
  • oampd_q3tourney2 - carca55gr1nd3r
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