A mapping tool for text-based games, like text adventures, MUDs and MUSHs
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MUD Map v2

by Neop

A mapping tool for text-based games like text adventures, MUDs and MUSHs.

License: GPLv3 Use it on your own risk!


MUD Map v2 sources, information and binary packages: https://github.com/Neop/mudmap2

MUD Map v1 sources, v1 + v2 binary packages: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mudmap/

MUD Map v1 user manual / quick start guide: http://mudmap.sourceforge.net/

Building MUD Map

To build MUD Map from source you will need a Java 7 JDK and Maven. The following command compiles MUD Map and creates a JAR file in the 'target' directory:

mvn package

Note: The correct JAR file is 'mudmap2-2.x.x-jar-with-dependencies.jar', NOT 'mudmap2-2.x.x.jar'! The following description assumes that the former JAR got renamed to 'mudmap2-2.x.x.jar'.


You will need a Java 7 Runtime Environment (JRE) to run MUD Map and the MUD Map JAR file which you can download (see links above) or compile yourself. Place it wherever you like.

Starting MUD Map

If your operating system is set up to associate JAR file with Java you will be able to start MUD Map with a double click on the JAR file.

Otherwise call the following command on command line or use start_mudmap.sh (Linux). This might also provide more information in case of problems.

java -jar mudmap2-2.x.x.jar

Bugs and problems

If you encounter any bugs or other problems please write a bug report on Github or send me an e-mail so I can fix it.

Keyboard shortcuts

See docs/keyboard_shortcuts.md