System, Networking and I/O library for Lua. This is an unoffical fork of NIXO from:
C Lua Shell


This Git repository is a fork of the NIXIO code from the LuCI project. I created this fork to make it easier to track my changes & fixes.


Use GNU Make.
make or gmake depending on your system.

Special make flags:

OS      Override Target OS  [Linux|FreeBSD|SunOS|Windows]
NIXIO_TLS   TLS-Library     [*openssl|axtls]
NIXIO_CROSS_CC  MinGW CC (Windows)  `which i586-mingw32msvc-cc`
LUA_CFLAGS  Lua CFLAGS      `pkg-config --cflags lua5.1`
LUA_TARGET  Lua compile     target  [*source|strip|compile]
LUA_MODULEDIR   Install LUA_PATH    "/usr/share/lua/5.1"
LUA_LIBRARYDIR  Install LUA_CPATH   "/usr/lib/lua/5.1"