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A collection of useful batch scripts for your Windows PC
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A collection of useful and/or fun batch scripts for your Windows PC.

This repository will contain any batch script that might prove useful for your PC or just funny to use. Feel free to contribute by submitting your own batch scripts.

In each script's folder there will be a README file explaining what each script does, the code in src and the distributions (EXE) in dist.
If you decide to submit your own script, you don't need to convert it to EXE, we can do that for you.

The collection

Matrix: A batchfile simulating the Matrix effect
Formatter: A batchfile to quicly format your PC
Aspidiske Menus: A cool little batch script that allows you to make menus, progress bars, and more!

More coming soon!

Copyright Info

Copyright © 2019 NeotiDev and it's affiliates. All Rights Reserved.

Licensed under the BSD-3-Clause

Licensed under the BSD-3-Clause unless stated otherwise.

If you see any errors, please create a PR. For any additional support, please join our Discord Server.

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