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Bootstrap login templates for MyOwnFreeHost
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MOFH Bootstrap Login Templates

Bootstrap login and signup templates for MyOwnFreeHost

How to install and configure?

To install it, just download the archive and copy the files of the theme you want to use in the directory of your site.

Use the comments within the PHP files to configure the template for your MOFH website.


  1. Dark (Purple and White Colors)
  2. Light (CYGO NerdAesthetic Colors)
  3. Whimsy Light (Blue and grey colors, animated header)

Live preview

Live Previews are coming soon...

Video installation tutorial

We now have a video tutorial available, detailing a custom installation of MOFH Bootstrap Login here.

Copyright Info

Copyright © 2019 NeotiDev and it's affiliates. All Rights Reserved.

Licensed under the GPL-3.0

If you see any errors, please create a PR. For any additional support, please join our Discord Server.

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