NeoLoad Advanced Actions to call stored procedures and execute PL/SQL statements from NeoLoad during a Load Test.
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Database Advanced Actions for Oracle Database

This repository contains NeoLoad Advanced Actions that allows performance testers using NeoLoad to perform complex database-related administrative tasks during a load test. Typically at the begining of the test to prepare the database, at the end for a clean-up or during the test to trigger some backend procedures in parallel to the load test of the front end.

SQL Stored Procedure

The 'SP Execute' Advanced Action executes SQL stored procedures from NeoLoad.


The 'PLSQL Execute' Advanced Action executes any PL/SQL file from NeoLoad.

Property Value
Maturity Experimental
Support Not supported by Neotys
Author Neotys Professional Services
License BSD Simplified
NeoLoad 5.2 (Enterprise or Professional Edition w/ Integration & Advanced Usage and NeoLoad Web option required)
Bundled in NeoLoad No
Download Binaries See the latest release


  1. Download the latest release
  2. Read the NeoLoad documentation to see How to install a custom Advanced Action


'Database/SP Execute' and 'Database/PLSQL Execute' actions requires:

  1. A 'Database/SQL Connection' action is executed before the action to establish the connection to the database.
  2. A 'Database/SQL Disconnection' action is executed after the action to close the connection.

A good practice is to put 'SQL Connection' in the 'Init' container of the Virtual User Path and the 'SQL Disconnection' in the 'End' container. It ensures that the connection is estably once per Virtual User.

SQL Stored Procedure - Parameters

Name Description
connectionName the name of the connection as specified in the 'SQL Connection' action
StoredProc Name name of the stored procedure to execute
parameter Signature datatype and 'IN', 'OUT' or 'INOUT', comma separated. Ex: "VARCHAR-IN, INT-INOUT, NUMERIC-OUT, VARCHAR-IN"
parameter values A comma separated string of IN, OUT & INOUT parameter value(s). For OUT need to pass ‘?’ as value. Ex: " Martin,1234,?,ab34g"

Status Codes:

  • NL-SP_ERROR : Any error while calling the stored procedure or I/O error.

PL/SQL - Parameters

Name Description
connectionName the name of the connection as specified in the 'SQL Connection' action
PLSQL file name PLSQL filename. Absolute path or relative to /custom-resources/ (when stored in this folder, the files is automatically transeferred to all Load Generators). This file must be formatted as per the rule mentioned below.
contentFile_parse Whether to parse the file to replace variables. Possible values are Y/N. Default value= N.

Status Codes:

  • NL-PLSQL_ERROR : Any PL/SQL error or I/O error.

PLSQL File formatting guidelines

Rule 1

Outside block each sql statement should end with ; Inside each sql statement should end with ;+ End of each block should end with ;# ( Ex:- END;#)


The file should be encoded with the default charset of the platform.

Better not to use notepad++ for formatting PLSQL file. Use notepad & while saving select “save type=all files (.)” and Encoding=ANSI.