Convert LoadRunner scripts to a NeoLoad Project.
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Script Converter

The Script Converter is a command line tool that converts LoadRunner Scripts into a NeoLoad project.

Warning: As the Script Converter is currently a preview version, no official support is provided for the tool. We would really appreciate your feedback on the product. Feel free to contact us at Neotys support.



  1. Download the latest release
  2. Unzip in the folder of your choice


Java 8 must be installed on the machine used to run the Script Converter. (Download Java).


The Script Converter converts LoadRunner Scripts from a folder previously created and including all the scripts to be processed. After the conversion process, the Script Converter creates a NeoLoad Project containing the Virtual User Paths corresponding to each LoadRunner script and provides a detailed summary of the events occurred during the process. The actions, functions and parameters processed can have 3 different status:

  • Supported: Compatible with NeoLoad.
  • Supported with a warning: Available in NeoLoad but some options or arguments are not supported.
  • Not supported: Cannot be processed by the converter.

For more information, see the Coverage section.

After the script conversion is done, it is recommended to verify the content of the migration log to manually process elements either partially supported, or not supported.


  • Windows: script-converter.bat
  • Linux/OSX:


Run a command prompt and enter the following line: -source <LR Scripts folder> -target <NeoLoad output directory> -project <NeoLoad Project name>

  • LR Scripts folder: Source directory where all scripts in each sub-directory will be converted into the output Project.
  • NeoLoad output directory: The folder of the created NeoLoad Project.
  • NeoLoad Project name: The name to assign to the NeoLoad project.


  • Windows: .\script-converter.bat -source "C:\LoadRunnerScripts\MyAppX" -target "C:\Users\Documents\NeoLoadProjects\MyAppX" -project "MyAppX"
  • Linux/OSX: ./ -source "/home/user/LoadRunnerScripts/MyAppX" -target "/home/user/NeoLoadProjects/MyAppX" -project "MyAppX"


Warning: The script Converter only supports Web - HTTP/HTML protocols.

This section lists the LoadRunner functions and parameters covered by the Script Converter.


Below is the list of the LoadRunner functions that can be converted into a NeoLoad project:

  • lr_start_transaction / lr_end_transaction
  • lr_think_time
  • web_reg_find
  • web_reg_save_param
  • web_url
  • web_submit_data
  • web_custom_request


Below is the list of LoadRunner parameters that can be converted into a NeoLoad project:

  • File Parameter
  • Table Parameter
  • Custom
  • Unique Number

Not Covered

  • other functions
  • logic (conditions and loops)
  • custom C code
  • actions other than in C language (.java, .vba...)


During the LoadRunner Scripts conversion, the tool created two log files in the NeoLoad project folder:

  • migration_logs/migration.log: This file contains the migration results. It contains for example the information of all elements either partially supported or not supported.
  • migration_logs/debug.log: This file contains the debug results. It contains for example the stacktrace of any error encountered.

Feedbacks and bugs

Open an issue or contact Neotys support, and provide log files and/or LoadRunner Scripts.

How to contribute

The source code is not available yet. It will be opened soon to contribution.