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Superblocks Lab for DApp development
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Superblocks Lab

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Superblocks Lab is an integrated development environment (IDE) to learn, build and deploy decentralized apps (DApps) for Ethereum. It's a full browser experience which requires no installations to run.

Superblocks Lab in action

Superblocks Lab has a built in Solidity compiler and Ethereum Virtual Machine. It also works with local and public networks.

To try it out, go to


  • In-browser Blockchain
  • Code Autocompletion
  • Bootstrap your App
  • Live code your WebApp
  • Deploy to Networks
  • Run with custom node
  • Built-in wallets
  • Export your full DApp
  • Metamask Integration
  • Powered by Monaco Editor

Quick start

Below is described how to get the Superblocks Lab PreactJS project setup and running locally.

Install node modules

Use yarn Yarn.

yarn install

Run in development mode

yarn start

Browse to http://localhost:3000. Note that if you use any other hostname/IP than localhost, then instead run update 'ORIGIN' value in 'env.development', this is important so that the iframes can communicate with the main window.

Make a production build

yarn build

The dist files will be inside ./dist. Note that the this command uses production version of ".env" file, so in order to test it locally please create a ".env.local" with proper ORIGIN variable value prior to build.

Bumping version

Set the new version both in app.js and in manifest.json.

Run this script to fix that for you:

./bump_version "1.1.0"

Consider double-checking and updating the CHANGELOG to reflect the changes. Tag the new version.


Bug reports and suggestions can be filed at the project Issues page.
For more information about the process involved, please refer to the Wiki: Submitting Bugs and Suggestions.


Contributions are welcome. Please, visit the Wiki for a guide on How to Contribute.


Superblocks Lab is free software and GPLv3 licensed. See the COPYING file for details.

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