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A simple tweak to activate a FLEX explorer window
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Tweak.xm fixed in springboard; prepared for a12 May 1, 2019
control section May 1, 2019


Small fork of:

Fixed in SpringBoard and recompiled for arm64e.

Activate FLEX by holding 4 fingers at once.

Isn't this the same thing as FLEXible?

Well, yes, but FLEXible 1) isn't open source, and 2) forces you turn it on on a per-application basis and deal with re-opening the explorer every time you start or return to an application unless you want to turn it back off.

For someone like me who uses FLEX all the time in the apps I also use all the time, it's a little more than annoying to turn it on every time I want to use it or to have it pop up every time I open the app.


BSD for my code and for FLEX itself.

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