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Application framework for moai

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Application framework for moai.

Terevaka framework aims to solve just several problems:

  1. Screen density fragmentation
  2. Screen size fragmentation
  3. GUI layout builder

Since it is a framework, it will implement convenient application structure.

Also you could notice that many things implemented in a way you already saw in Android native applications. Really, why not? :)


Copy (or clone, or submodule) terevaka into your moai application directory. Then just import local terevaka = require('terevaka/terevaka')

Terevaka requires host MOAIEnvironment.screenDpi support. Clone my moai fork to ensure it does. It is done at least for Android and iOS.

Applicaction directory structure

  • res/layout -> for layouts built using terevaka-ui-builder
  • res/drawable-hpx -> for texture packs with lanscape height , example:
  • res/drawable-h768px -> lanscape height is 768 px


terevaka.TKResourceManager.loadTexturePack('main') will try to load texture pack 'main.lua' according to best match with res/drawable-h(HEIGHT)px


Call layer:fill ({ resourceName='main-layout', texturePack = self.texturePack }) method to populate layer with sprites from self.texturePack using "res/layout/main-layout.lua" file (file built using terevaka-ui-builder).

Testing multiple devices

Instead of uploading moai on a real device, you can test application appearance by starting moai with appropriate profiles. moai terevaka/profiles/ipad.lua main.lua. See terevaka/profiles/ directory for more profiles, it is extremely easy to add a new one.

Application onCreate/onStart/onResume methods

Use these methods to initialize/release resources on application creation, pausing or resuming


For more help see

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