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FreeCodecamp's Intermediate Frontend Certificate Challenge
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Wikipedia Viewer - Version 0.27

This is the Wikipedia Viewer from Free Code Camp's Front Certificate, through it's iteration it has used a couple of ideas and code from other places. The code is abit better than the last challenge and its a bit prettier but it wrks.

Please right click as Github currents doesn't support open in a new tab []

Built With

  • Font Awesome version 4.5.0 and Bootstrap 3.3.6.
  • Contains images from
  • The Wikipedia api


Please feel free to use the this code as you need to. This repository adheres to the MIT License.


Shout out to following person/s and crews : -FCC and FCC ATL -Esterling and Toby


  • There needs to be a reset button atop the produced search results.
  • Background resizes after search.
  • The mobile version needs help( Needs a better design for mobile version).
  • Results should be in something that says "Search results for {term searched for}" in cards.
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