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@totemo totemo released this Sep 19, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

Command interface changes:

  • Add /beast-item info <item-id> to show detailed information about an item.
  • Change /beast-item list to just list sorted IDs rather than showing detailed information about every item. The output is too long for the scrollback history to contain.
  • Remove redundant information in the output of /beast-loot info.
  • Use colour to indicate validity of mob properties "drops", "potion-buffs" and "attack-potions".
  • Format equipment IDs with colour to indicate validity and distinguish loot tables from items.
  • Allow y and n as abbreviations of yes and no. Do better error reporting for boolean args.

Functional changes:

  • Group potion effects into potion sets.
  • Add potion-buffs property to apply potion sets to mobs on spawn and attack-potions to apply potion effects on attack.
  • Implement disguise mob property.
  • Switch back to vanilla equipment drop method.
  • Log correct player name for logged drops triggered by mob death.
  • Use persistent metadata to record last damage time and damaging player on mobs.

Configuration changes:

  • Only log the BeastMaster config when the /beastmaster reload command is run, rather than every startup.
  • Add debug.disguises configuration setting to see more information about disguise related events.
  • Add configuration setting to see more information about equipment dropped on mob death.
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