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Prevent custom drops per the drops property if the mob was not damaged by a player in the last 100 ticks. A complete "condition" mechanism for customising loot tables will be implemented later.

Revise mob replacement:

  • Replace mobs during chunk generation the same as natural spawns.
  • Don't replace mobs spawned by player action (chicken eggs, spawn eggs and spawned by building block structures - snowmen, iron golems and withers) but do configure the mob according to the vanilla mob's properties.
  • Don't replace mobs passing through portals (SpawnReason.DEFAULT).

Implement new mob properties:

  • charged-percent - the percentage chance that a creeper is charged.
  • size - the integer size of a slime or phantom.
  • passenger - the ID of a loot table that spawns a passenger mob or the ID of a mob type to be spawned as a passenger.
  • passenger-percent - the percentage chance that a passenger will be spawned when passenger is set. If passenger-percent is unset, it is considered to be implicitly 100% when passenger has a value.
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