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Provides useful WorldGuard custom flags.
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WorldGuard custom flags for the Reddit Public Minecraft servers.

Available flags:

Flag Name Type Default Value
date String N/A
created-by String N/A
entry-commands String N/A
weather State DENY
compass State ALLOW
teleport-entry State ALLOW
force-gamemode GameMode null
keep-inventory State DENY
allow-drops State ALLOW
allow-mob-drops State ALLOW
player-mob-damage Set<EntityType> {}
nether-portal State ALLOW
end-portal State ALLOW
snowball-firefight State DENY
use-dispenser State ALLOW
use-note-block State DENY
use-workbench State ALLOW
use-door State ALLOW
use-lever State ALLOW
use-pressure-plate State ALLOW
use-button State ALLOW
use-jukebox State ALLOW
use-repeater State DENY
use-trap-door State ALLOW
use-fence-gate State ALLOW
use-brewing-stand State ALLOW
use-cauldron State ALLOW
use-enchantment-table State ALLOW
use-ender-chest State ALLOW
use-tripwire State ALLOW
use-beacon State ALLOW
use-anvil State ALLOW
use-comparator State DENY
use-hopper State ALLOW
use-dropper State ALLOW


The WGRegionEvents plugin doesn't currently have an active Maven repository.

So it is compiled and installed in the local repository as follows:

git clone
cd WorldGuard-Region-Events
mvn install
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