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Bukkit plugin to allow in-game editing of armor stand data.
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Bukkit plugin to allow in-game editing of armor stand data.


This plugin works by allowing players to make modifications to armor stand data through commands. Each modification changes a particular aspect of an armor stand; after you have made the modifications you want, the next armor stand you place will have the specified modifications. Your current modification list can be viewed with "/stand list", or cleared with "/stand clear".

Info on all available modifications is in the Commands section.


Presets are an easy way to apply several modifications at once. StandMaster9000 allows two types of presets: global presets, and player presets.

Global presets are presets available to all players on the server. Anyone with the standmaster.preset.addglobal permission can save their current modifier list to a preset with "/stand preset addglobal <name>", which can then be loaded by anyone with the stand.preset.load permission using "/stand preset <name>". Other modifications can be added before or after loading a preset. Presets are removed with "/stand preset removeglobal <name>" by anyone with the standmaster.preset.removeglobal permission.

Presets are saved into and loaded from config.yml, under "presets.<name>". Therefore, they can also be edited by the server owner in a text editor. To reload the file once it's been edited, anyone with the standmaster.reload permission can run "/stand reload". A sample preset has been included to show you the YAML structure of these presets.

Player presets work like global presets, except that they are local to the player who created them. Each player has their own preset list, which they can add presets to, remove presets from, or load presets from.

Data Types

BOOLEAN: Either true or false. Any input other than true in a boolean field will default to false. Examples: true, false

INT: An integer. Examples: 0, 123, -456

FLOAT: A floating-point (decimal) value. Examples: 0, 3.14159, -0.0833

STRING A string of characters, or normal text. Examples: "Dumbo52", "StandMaster9000", "Hello world!" (without the quotes)

ROTATION A group of three floats, representing rotations (in degrees) around the X, Y, and Z axes respectively. Alternatively, a rotation along a single axis while leaving the other components unchanged can be achieved with "<axis> <FLOAT>". Examples: "90 0 180", "-45, 22.5, 270", "y 45.0"


Help for any command can be accessed by just typing "/stand".

Command Permission Description
/stand reload standmaster.reload Reloads the plugin's configuration
/stand persist <BOOLEAN> standmaster.persist Prevents your modifier list from clearing
/stand preset <name> standmaster.preset.load Loads a modifier preset
/stand preset add <name> standmaster.preset.add Adds a personal modifier preset
/stand preset remove <name> standmaster.preset.remove Removes a personal modifier preset
/stand preset addglobal <name> standmaster.preset.addglobal Adds a global modifier preset
/stand preset removeglobal <name> standmaster.preset.removeglobal Removes a global modifier preset
/stand list standmaster.stand.list Shows your current stand modifier list
/stand clear standmaster.stand.clear Clears your current stand modifier list
/stand name <STRING> Gives the stand a visible nametag
/stand invisible <BOOLEAN> standmaster.stand.invisible Makes the stand invisible
/stand nobaseplate <BOOLEAN> standmaster.stand.nobaseplate Removes the stand's baseplate
/stand nogravity <BOOLEAN> standmaster.stand.nogravity Prevents the stand from falling
/stand pose body <ROTATION> standmaster.stand.pose Sets the stand's body rotation
/stand pose leftarm <ROTATION> standmaster.stand.pose Sets the stand's left arm rotation
/stand pose rightarm <ROTATION> standmaster.stand.pose Sets the stand's right arm rotation
/stand pose leftleg <ROTATION> standmaster.stand.pose Sets the stand's left leg rotation
/stand pose rightleg <ROTATION> standmaster.stand.pose Sets the stand's right leg rotation
/stand pose head <ROTATION> standmaster.stand.pose Sets the stand's head rotation
/stand showarms <BOOLEAN> standmaster.stand.showarms Shows arms on the stand
/stand small <BOOLEAN> standmaster.stand.small Makes the stand smaller
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