Optimized and reworked version of Kinfu
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KinFu remake

This is lightweight, reworked and optimized version of Kinfu that was originally shared in PCL in 2011.

Key changes/features:

  • Performance has been improved by 1.6x factor (Fermi-tested)
  • Code size is reduced drastically. Readability improved.
  • No hardcoded algorithm parameters! All of them can be changed at runtime (volume size, etc.)
  • The code is made independent from OpenCV GPU module and PCL library.


  • Fermi or Kepler or newer
  • CUDA 5.0 or higher
  • OpenCV 2.4.9 with new Viz module (only opencv_core, opencv_highgui, opencv_imgproc, opencv_viz modules required). Make sure that WITH_VTK flag is enabled in CMake during OpenCV configuration.
  • OpenNI v1.5.4 (for Windows can download and install from http://pointclouds.org/downloads/windows.html)

Implicit dependency (needed by opencv_viz):

  • VTK 5.8.0 or higher. (apt-get install on linux, for windows please download and compile from www.vtk.org)