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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This is an RVM Project .rvmrc file, used to automatically load the ruby
# development environment upon cd'ing into the directory
# First we specify our desired <ruby>[@<gemset>], the @gemset name is optional,
# Only full ruby name is supported here, for short names use:
# echo "rvm use 2.0.0" > .rvmrc
# Uncomment the following lines if you want to verify rvm version per project
# rvmrc_rvm_version="1.19.0 (master)" # 1.10.1 seams as a safe start
# eval "$(echo ${rvm_version}.${rvmrc_rvm_version} | awk -F. '{print "[[ "$1*65536+$2*256+$3" -ge "$4*65536+$5*256+$6" ]]"}' )" || {
# echo "This .rvmrc file requires at least RVM ${rvmrc_rvm_version}, aborting loading."
# return 1
# }
# First we attempt to load the desired environment directly from the environment
# file. This is very fast and efficient compared to running through the entire
# CLI and selector. If you want feedback on which environment was used then
# insert the word 'use' after --create as this triggers verbose mode.
if [[ -d "${rvm_path:-$HOME/.rvm}/environments"
&& -s "${rvm_path:-$HOME/.rvm}/environments/$environment_id" ]]
\. "${rvm_path:-$HOME/.rvm}/environments/$environment_id"
for __hook in "${rvm_path:-$HOME/.rvm}/hooks/after_use"*
if [[ -f "${__hook}" && -x "${__hook}" && -s "${__hook}" ]]
then \. "${__hook}" || true
unset __hook
# If the environment file has not yet been created, use the RVM CLI to select.
rvm --create "$environment_id" || {
echo "Failed to create RVM environment '${environment_id}'."
return 1
# If you use bundler, this might be useful to you:
# if [[ -s Gemfile ]] && {
# ! builtin command -v bundle >/dev/null ||
# builtin command -v bundle | GREP_OPTIONS= \grep $rvm_path/bin/bundle >/dev/null
# }
# then
# printf "%b" "The rubygem 'bundler' is not installed. Installing it now.\n"
# gem install bundler
# fi
# if [[ -s Gemfile ]] && builtin command -v bundle >/dev/null
# then
# bundle install | GREP_OPTIONS= \grep -vE '^Using|Your bundle is complete'
# fi
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