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This repo contains a number of standard deep learning models that can be run with the neon libraries. The specific model type subdirectories include more detailed information on the various models. Below is a summary of the various tasks and models included here that address those tasks.

Image classification


  • Googlenet
  • VGG
  • Alexnet


  • Deep Residual Network
  • All CNN

Object localization

  • Fast-RCNN

Scene Classification

  • Deep Residual Network

Image Captioning

  • LSTM

Video Games

  • Deep Q-network


bAbI (Question Answering)

  • GRU/LSTM model

Sentiment classification

  • LSTM (IMDB dataset)


  • C3D (UCF101 dataset)

Transfer Learning

  • Classification using multi scale sampling (PASCALVOC dataset)


  • Deep Speech 2 (Librispeech dataset)