ipython notebooks for Nervana's deep learning meetup
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This repository is no longer maintained. Please see https://github.com/NervanaSystems/neon_course for the latest ipython notebooks.


Join the chat at https://gitter.im/NervanaSystems/meetup

ipython notebooks for Nervana's Deep Learning Meetup


The notebooks require neon and all its dependencies to be installed (See here for instructions). After activating the neon environment, (i.e. . .venv/bin/activate from the neon directory), install these additional packages:

pip install ipython jupyter matplotlib

And git clone this repository. Then cd to the meetup reository folder and run the notebook server

ipython notebook --ip

which should open a new browser window.


There are three notebooks, cifar_msra.ipynb, cifar_example.ipynb and imdb_example.ipynb to explore. For an intro to running notebooks, see the Jupyter documentation. For the imdb example, you need to have the IMDB dataset (right click and download) in the meetup folder.