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API Changes


  • LikeReplacement pass must be run by all transformers.

Nodes, Parameters

  • Nodes is now NodeVector
  • Parameters is now ParameterVector
  • NodeVector, ParameterVector, AxisVector, AxisSet, Shape, Stride, Coordinate, and CoordinateDiff are now classes, not type aliases.
  • PrimaryTensorView is now TensorView (and will merge into Tensor)

Changes to ops

  • The namespace ngraph::op is only for actual ops. Helpers have been moved into ngraph::op::util:

    • BinaryElementwiseArithmetic
    • BinaryElementwiseComparison
    • BinaryElementwise
    • RequiresTensorViewArgs
    • UnaryElementwiseArithmetic
    • UnaryElementwise Ops defined outside of nGraph core will need to get the base class from ngraph::op::util and change the include file to #include "ngraph/ops/util/requires_tensor_view_args.hpp", etc.

    See any of the core ops for an example.

Changes to convolution and pooling ops

  • Backprop ops have been added for convolution ops.

  • The convolution and pooling ops have had several methods/fields renamed, to reflect a shift in terminology from "images" to "data". Generally this just means that you will have to s/image_batch/data_batch/ and s/image_dilation_strides/data_dilation_strides/.

  • The following functions have been removed:

    • AvgPool: get_channel_count get_input_image_physical_shape get_input_image_virtual_shape get_output_image_shape get_batch_size get_image_dimension_count
    • MaxPool: get_channel_count get_input_image_shape get_output_image_shape get_batch_size get_image_dimension_count
    • Convolution: get_input_channel_count get_output_channel_count get_input_image_physical_shape get_input_image_virtual_shape get_output_image_shape get_window_physical_shape get_window_virtual_shape get_batch_size get_image_dimension_count

    All of the above information can be inferred from the shapes and parameters of the op.

  • The AvgPool operator has a new attribute governing whether or not padding-region values are considered when computing a given window's average: include_padding_in_avg_computation. One of the class constructors adds this to the parameter list, and the others use a default value of false which matches the old behavior.

Negative convolution padding

Convolution now allows negative padding. This means that the padding_below and padding_above arguments now take type CoordinateDiff instead of Shape. CoordinateDiff is an alias for std::vector<std::ptrdiff_t>, which "is like size_t but is allowed to be negative". Callers may need to be adapted.

Parameter and Function no longer take a type argument.

To update, remove the passed argument. For example,

// Old
make_shared<Parameter>(make_shared<descriptor::TensorViewType>(element::f32, Shape{2, 4}));
// New (remove TensorViewType)
make_shared<Parameter>(element::f32, Shape{2, 4});

// Old
make_shared<Function>(results, result_type, parameters);
// New
make_shared<Function>(results, parameters);

The runtime::Tensor methods to get_tensor<> and write(std::vector&) have been removed to the unit test directory under utils/test_tool.hpp read_vector and write_vector.