Shows a message as a pretty ASCII-Style ncurses dialog. Optionally make it even prettier with figlet. Great for Hollywood hacker style "ACCESS GRANTED/DENIED" popups ;)
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|   _     _ _______                _____   |
|   |_____| |______ |      |      |     |  |
|   |     | |______ |_____ |_____ |_____|  |
|                                          |

Asciidialog shows a ncurses message. It can be colored and figletified (figlet should be installed to do so ;) )


asciidialog foo

Shows a simple dialog saying "foo".

asciidialog -f -a "-t -f cyberlarge" foo

Beautify the text with figlet. Additionally arguments to figlet can be given via the -a argument (defaults to "-t"(use terminal's full width)).

asciidialog -c red ACCESS DENIED

The -c option colors the output. Can be "red", "blue", "green", "white" and "default" (don't change).