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React Native Simple Slider

This is a simple javascript slider component for react native.

This package is compatible both Android and iOS.

Slider component preview image


$ yarn add react-native-simple-slider


$ npm install react-native-simple-slider --save


state = { value: 0 }

  onValueChange={value => this.setState({ value })}

How to use in ScrollView

state = { isScrollEnable: true}

<ScrollView scrollEnabled={this.state.isScrollEnable}>
    onSlidingStart={() => this.setState({ isScrollEnable: false })}
    onSlidingComplete={() => this.setState({ isScrollEnable: true })}


Attributes Type Default Description
value number 0 Value of the slider.
minimumValue number 0 Minimum value of the slider.
maximumValue number 1 Maximum value of the slider.
onSlidingStart func () => {} Callback function that is called when the user begin touch the slider.
onValueChange func () => {} Callback fucntion that is called while the user is dragging the slider.
onSlidingComplete func () => {} Callback function that is called when the user releases the slider.
disabled boolean false If true the user won't be able to move the slider.
disabledHoverEffect boolean true If true the slider do not show hover effect.
step number 0 Step value of the slider. The value should be between minimumValue to maximumValue.
minimumTrackTintColor string #3F51B5 The color used for the track on the left side of thumb button.
maximumTrackTintColor string #BDBDBD The color used for the track on the right side of thumb button.
thumbTintColor string #3F51B5 Foreground color of thumb button.
thumbButtonSize number 24 Size of thumb button.
sliderWidth number 325 Width of slider component.
sliderHeight number 6 Height of slider component.
sliderBorderRadius number 3 Border radius of slider component.
thumbImage image(string/number) null Sets an image for the thumb button. Only static images are supported.
thumbButton element null Sets an react component for override the thumb button.


Contributions are welcome. Should run npm run test before push.


MIT License Copyright (c) 2018 Chaiyapon