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Welcome to our IoT-project!


We are students at Herman Hollerith Zentrum (HHZ) in Böblingen and graduating with a masters degree in Digital Business Management. Rubi the Brewbot is a project that came up with our IoT lesson. We got the task to concept a succesful IoT application. Our team does not exist of development engineers or programmers. Therefore we use the Living Lab Method to develop our IoT application.

Rubi the Brewbot

At the beginning of our project we had a lot of ideas for which we can develop an IoT application. After a brainstorming session we decided to work on an IoT solution for brewing your coffe in an office environment using an HC (Home Connect) enabled coffee machine. Our idea is to easy the steps of getting a coffee. For our scenario we chose the BSH (Bosch Smart Home) coffee machine in the building of Herman Hollerith Center. This is how Rubi the Brewbot was born.


We worked with the Living Lab Method consists of four phases:

  1. Co-Creation
  2. Exploration
  3. Experimentation
  4. Evaluation

In total we run two iterations. In each iteration we show the architecture of our mock up and explain the communication behavior. Finally, we produce an explainer video with focus on the Exploration phase as well as create a short presentation of the project.

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