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yarn.lock opening performance 2017


  1. Install yarn:
  2. Run: yarn


yarn start

Build a new version of the app

  1. Run yarn run build-electron (it might ask you to install all sorts of deps for Windows)

The Talks We Used

Ashley Williams - A brief history and mishistory of modularity - Nordic.js 2016

Anjana Vakil: Learning Functional Programming with JavaScript - JSUnconf 2016

Jake Archibald - Show Them What You Got

André Staltz (@andrestaltz) - You will learn RxJS at ng-europe 2016

Philip Roberts - 2014 - What the heck is the event loop anyway?

PolyConf 16: The Seif Project / Douglas Crockford

ReactiveConf 2016 - David Nolen - Through the Looking Glass

The State of Javascript - Jack Franklin _ August 2016

Raquel Vélez - Wombat-Driven Understanding - An Interactive Guide To Using npm - JSConf.Asia 2016

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