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Open source mobile web & mobile app cms

1- Copy the "net2mobi" folder containing all the files, into a location on your FTP website
2- Execute the "net2mobi.sql" located in the "admin/include" folder to create all the necessary tables.You only need to copy and paste the content of that file into your PHPMyAdmin and execute the query.

3- Coming soon

A demo preview of the net2mobi CMS back-end is avalaible at

Current source doesn't include image manager feature as shown in the demo site. Codes will be made available as soon as we get the necessary Enterprise license of MCImageManager. If you have your own MCImageManager files, you can place the folder at http://yourdomain/NET2MOBI/tree/master/Net2mobi/script to enable the feature

For further information contact
If you need ready-to-use alternatives, see us at

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