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hackathon-vol1 -- NetApp's Hackers Night

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Software in this repo includes two services:

  • camera-webservice: Web service that exposes a RESTful API to use a local webcam to take a photo, upload it to an S3 target, and posts metadata to ElasticSearch. The service is written in Python and configured using a json formatted conf file. This service can be deployed on a raspberry pi or your laptop.

  • webapp: Web app that queries ElasticSearch for available cameras and existing photos and displays them. Also allows taking new photos by calling the RESTful API of the camera-webservice. This app is written in Ruby and includes a Dockerfile for containerized use.

Hack-night instructions

The hack-night is intended to be a lightly structured event designed to allow hackers to explore, innovate and learn. The following instructions are provided as general roadmap to provide some structure.

Getting help

  • Google and YouTube are your best friends. If you have a question, are getting an error message, or need to learn something, then google first
  • If you then get stuck, ask your teammates
  • If you are still stuck, ask a hack-night lead for help

Hack-night Steps

As with any tech challenge proceed in steps and verify all is well (including your knowledge) before continuing.

Setup your infrastructure

  1. Build your Raspberry Pi and access it via SSH. What linux does it run? Is your internet access working? Use curl to read
  2. Setup your S3 bucket on the StorageGrid Webscale system:
  • Install a S3 browser tool like "S3 browser" for Windows or "CyberDuck" for Mac
  • Create a bucket for your Pi using the credentials supplied; pick a bucket name that is unique for your team
  • Use your S3 client to put stuff in the bucket and get it out
  • Try to access the stuff in the bucket from your web browser. What URL would you use? Do you get access denied? Then set the bucket_policy.json to allow anonymous read and list anonymous access to objects and try again.
  • Note: CyberDuck won't allow you to set Bucket Policies, so you will have to do this another way. Ask Clemens if you can't google it :-) (Hint: s3cmd or aws cli)

Setup the camera-webservice on the Raspberry Pi

  1. Find the steps here: camera-webservice/

Setup the webapp on your laptop

  1. Find the steps here: webapp/

Can you take photos from your camera using the webapp and see the results? Yes, Success!

Do more!

The repository has a file called Attack one of those idea or come up with your own.


Hacker's Night Vol 1 - EMEA Insight Edition



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