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@the-maldridge the-maldridge released this Aug 6, 2019 · 6 commits to master since this release


1f450bb Add defaults for core server properties.
08729d8 ROADMAP: Out of alpha, releasing on time
7073d9a Release v0.1.0
c9ffcab cmd/netauthd: re-order log statements for clarity
7ba64a0 ctl: actually remove entity from group
bebca2f db/protodb: Add filesystem watcher.
6fe62e0 db/util: improve test coverage
97d8c77 internal/ctl: disable log by default
593cddf internal/db/protodb: Improve test coverage
290dae6 internal/db/protodb: Use callbacks to manage index
73c165e internal/db: support index management by callback
ce2859b meta: Drop dep from travis
8ccecca netauthd: fix default port for pflag
8525884 pkg/client: Add read-only support
9c07ced rpc: Add a read-only mode
932fd8a various: gofmt stragglers

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