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bin PR bin/48875 (is related, and ameliorated, but not exactly "fixed") Aug 19, 2018
common toolify. Aug 16, 2018
compat gcc aarch64 does not have multilib Jul 16, 2018
crypto Revert previous and do it the way it is supposed to be done. Aug 18, 2018
dist/pf Add a deprecation note in each of the PF man pages (instead of just p… Aug 17, 2018
distrib Retire EtherIP, we have L2TP instead. Aug 14, 2018
doc Note import of dhcpcd-7.0.8 Aug 20, 2018
etc handle v6 addresses Aug 13, 2018
external Sync Aug 20, 2018
extsrc Top level reach-over directory for extsrc. Dec 1, 2009
games Try freebsd's pkg-info as well Aug 16, 2018
include PR standards/53525: move getsubopt() to stdlib.h Aug 15, 2018
lib Drop a duplicate instruction line Aug 19, 2018
libexec Apply relocbase for tlsinit of the executable itself. Fixes PIE where Jul 24, 2018
regress Don't test call gates, they are not supported anymore. Aug 30, 2017
rescue Add a port of the umb(4) driver from OpenBSD Jul 31, 2018
sbin Resolve every route(4) message type before printing anything more abo… Aug 14, 2018
share Sync with FreeBSD Aug 15, 2018
sys Compute the pointer earlier, not in the return statement. No functional Aug 20, 2018
tests Add a new ATF ptrace(2) test: tracer_attach_to_unrelated_stopped_process Aug 13, 2018
tools make sure that nbtools_compat.h is the first thing included for gener… Aug 20, 2018
usr.bin add WITHOUT_GZIP for the tools build. Aug 12, 2018
usr.sbin Add the values of "algo" in the grammar, and use # as comment marker for Aug 17, 2018
BUILDING regen Jul 29, 2018
Makefile Re-add files that were accidentally deleted in my previous commit. May 2, 2018 Re-add files that were accidentally deleted in my previous commit. May 2, 2018
UPDATING Document aarch64 ABI break. Jul 17, 2018 Add some aliases (from phone) Aug 9, 2018