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Netbrain REST API Documentation

Version 8.0 To view details about integration workflows with other platforms, view "3rd Party Software Integration Documentation". These include workflows like Trigger Diagnosis where NetBrain is triggered from ticketing and monitoring tools to generate map URLs. Integration Workflows also incliudes Single Panel of Glass where data from ticketing and monitoring tools is overalyed on NetBrain Map. To view details about use cases which can be implemented with NetBrain REST APIs, see "Golden Use Case Templates". To see the list of all REST APIs view "REST APIs Documentation".

New APIs in this version

  1. Get the connected switch ports of an end system API
  2. Get Connected Switch Port API

Section 1) Golden Use Case Templates

  1. Get Path Detail Information by Calling APIs
  2. Sites Management by Calling APIs
  3. Calling Trigger Diagnosis API
  4. Discovery and Devices Management by Calling APIs
  5. CMDB Synchronized by Calling APIs
  6. Logic of API Calling for Embed Map

Section 2) REST APIs Documentation

Athentication and Authorization

  1. Login API
  2. Get All Accessible Tenants API
  3. Get All Accessible Domains API
  4. Specify A Working Domain API
  5. Logout API

Benchmark Task Management

  1. Add Benchmark Task API
  2. Delete Benchmark Task API
  3. Get Benchmark Task Runs API
  4. Get Benchmark Task Status API
  5. Run Benchmark Task Now API
  6. Update Benchmark Task API

Devices Management

  1. Create Devices Attribute API
  2. Delete Devices Attribute API
  3. Delete Devices API
  4. Get Device Attributes API
  5. Get Device API
  6. Get Front Server of A Device API
  7. Get Group Devices API
  8. Set Device Attribute API
  9. Get Device Configuration API
  10. Get the connected switch ports of an end system API
  11. Get Device Raw Data API

Discovery Task Management

  1. Create Schedule Discovery Task API
  2. Edit Scheduled Discovery Task API
  3. Delete Scheduled Discovery Task AP
  4. Add Seed IPs to Discovery Task API
  5. Delete Seed IPs to Discovery Task API
  6. Get All Discovery Tasks API
  7. Get All Seed IPs from Discovery Task API
  8. Get Discovery Task Live Access Log API
  9. Get Discovery Tasks Result API
  10. Get Discovery Tasks Status API
  11. Run Discovery Task Now API

Device Interfaces Management

  1. Create Interface Attribute API
  2. Delete Interface Attribute API
  3. Get All Interfaces of A Device API
  4. Get Connected Switch Port API
  5. Get Interface Attributes API
  6. Set Interface Attributes API

Map Management

  1. Delete Map API
  2. Export Map API
  3. Get Files List API

Module Management

  1. Applicable Module Attributes Table
  2. Create Module Attribute API
  3. Delete Module Attribute API
  4. Get All Modules of A Device API
  5. Get Module Attributes API
  6. Set Module Attributes API

Network Setting

  1. Add Network Settings API
  2. Delete Network Settings API
  3. Update Network Settings API

Path Management

  1. Resolve Device Gateway API
  2. Calculate Path API
  3. Get Path Calculation Result API
  4. Stop A PAth API

User Roles Management

  1. Add Role API
  2. Delete Role API
  3. Update Role API
  4. Get Role Information API

Site Management

  1. Add Site Devices API
  2. Commit Site Transaction API
  3. Create A Leaf Site API
  4. Create A Parent Site API
  5. Create A Site Transaction API
  6. Create Site API
  7. Delete A Site API
  8. Delete Site Devices API
  9. Get Child Site API
  10. Get Site Devices API
  11. Get Site Info API
  12. Remove Site Transaction API
  13. Replace Site Devices API
  14. Site Transaction Heartbeat API

Tenants and Domains Management

  1. Add Domain API
  2. Add Tenant API
  3. Assign Users to Domain API
  4. Assign Users to Tenant API
  5. Delete Domain API
  6. Delete Tenant API
  7. Delete Users from Domain API
  8. Update Domain API
  9. Update Tenant API

Topology Management

  1. Build L2 Topology API
  2. Build L3 Topology API
  3. Get Connected Switch Port API
  4. Get Device Neighbors by Topology Type API
  5. Get Topology Build Task Status API
  6. Get One Ip Table API

Trigger Diagnosis API

  1. Map Device and Its Neighbors
  2. Open Site Map of The Device
  3. Trigger An Existing Map
  4. Map A Path
  5. Qapp Input Variables
  6. DVT Input Parameters in Runbook
  7. Create Map by Qapp
  8. Application Node Verification Input Variables

User Management

  1. Add User API
  2. Delete User API
  3. Get Usage Report of Users API
  4. Get Detail Usage Report of Users API
  5. Update User API
  6. Get Users API

Event Console Management

  1. Get Event Console API
  2. Acknowledge/close Event Alert API
  3. Delete Event Alert API

Change Ticket Management

  1. Binding 3rd Party Ticket with Runbook API
  2. Approve Change Management Request API
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